“PDC’S skillful listening and clarifying helped define the process into something custom made for the Center… people learn to listen to others when they know that they are really respected and heard… This experience stays with people and the effect has rippled through our community.”
–Diane Snow
Senior Center Director, Cupertino, California
Cupertino Community Project

“The Town of Los Gatos has retained PDC to design and implement communication plans for a variety of issues and projects. Community members, elected and appointed officials, staff, and other stakeholders have all been constructively and positively engaged in processes developed and implemented under PDC’s guidance. PDC fosters frank and honest dialogue which results in tangible products achieved through true consensus– goals, plans, strategies. Participation in PDC’s processes also has long lasting effects: consequent conversations among participants continue to be approached openly, with candor and good humor. They are truly communication experts!”
–Regina Faulkner
Community Service Director, Los Gatos, California
Los Gatos Town Council, Planning Commission, and Staff Retreats