PDC specializes in innovative communication tools specifically developed to address the environmental, social and economic challenges we face today. We provide a full spectrum of public engagement services specifically tailored to meet your needs:


  • Diagnostic Tools for assessing the most appropriate courses of action for public engagement in your community.
  • Process Designs to develop short and long-term strategies to address immediate and emergent needs, focusing on engaging community members, stakeholders and staff in collaborative problem solving activities.
  • Event Designs to develop meetings and forums that bring community members, stakeholders and staff together to constructively work on important public issues.
  • Facilitation skills that enable community members, stakeholders and staff to speak candidly, listen openly and collaborate together to problem solve effectively.
  • Conflict Management to help groups and individuals manage their differences on public issues in ways that create trust, build relationships and develop common solutions.
  • Evaluation Tools to assess the effectiveness of public engagement processes and events, to generate recommendations, and to inform future processes and events.
  • Training and Capacity Building for staff and citizens in communication and facilitation techniques for sustainable, ongoing public engagement practices.
  • Client Consultations to learn more about public engagement and the services offered by the PDC.  Schedule a free 1/2 hour phone consultation.


Our Commitment to YouServices

PDC clients receive customized services from professionals with decades of experience designing and delivering participatory processes. We work with clients to address the specific needs of agencies, stakeholders and communities, resulting in the best possible outcomes.

PDC’s distinctive focus on patterns and processes of communication, rather than positions or personalities, has proven effective across a spectrum of issues and topics. Our approach encourages stakeholders and community members to build relationships and work together to address the serious challenges that confront us all.

PDC employs advanced communication techniques to support public leaders in directly engaging stakeholders and communities to collaboratively solve complex problems.  We design and facilitate effective processes and strategies, as well as provide training for officials, staff and community members to build capacity for ongoing engagement.

Our work is customized, effective and always done in collaboration with our clients. Whether you are just getting started with engagement, or have extensive experience, we have innovative tools, methods and practical experience to take you to the next level.