June 2013 – December 2015
PDC worked with the City of Milpitas to assist in the development of the City’s first-ever Strategic Plan. This multi-year project unfolded over four phases where city workers, city commission members, the chamber of commerce, the school district, faith based organizations, community organizations, and residents were asked to contribute input.
The development of the Strategic Plan and four phases proceeded along two parallel tracks; the first community engagement, the second City staff engagement.
• PDC engaged over 300 Milpitas community members in aspirational conversations about the future of the City, using a variety of methods such as one-on-one interviews, focus group discussions, and an online survey.
• In parallel, PDC assisted the Executive Management Team in the selection of 20 staff employees from different City departments to form an Employee Engagement Team (EET). PDC provided an extensive facilitation training program for EET members, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to engage their fellow employees in group discussions regarding the organizational and community environment. The EET then conducted over 25 small group discussions with 120 Milpitas employees.