The PDC assisted in the design and facilitation of three staff meetings with members of the project steering committee, and assisted in a fourth meeting held shortly after the third. The purpose was to engage participants in a dialogue on issues related to organizational review and service delivery. The design made use of the Concerns, Vision, Action model (CVA) with the aim of delivering successful parks and recreation services to the public.

The Public Utilities Commission of the State of New Mexico sponsored a one-day conference on sustainable energy. The PDC had the role of pre- and post-event polling where we solicited information from participants about their perspectives on deregulation issues and their interest in participating in other dialogue events in the future. This information was used to shape the one-day conference and follow-up events.

The PDC designed and facilitated a series of meetings to involve the public in thinking about ways in which the quality of life in the city could be improved and to make recommendations to the City Council. We began work using an innovative design featuring two public meetings and hundreds of resident-conducted interviews. The Mayor reported on this work at press conference, marking the mid-point of the project. The PDC continued to work with residents and City staff to implement the action plans that were developed.

The PDC worked with the Town of Los Gatos Planning Commission, Town Council, and Planning Department staff to help identify communication challenges and improve communication processes with the ultimate goal of improving the Town’s planning process. The project consisted of one-on-one interviews in advance of staff and council retreats, a half-day retreat with Town Council, and a day-long joint retreat with the Town Council, Planning Commission, and Planning Department staff.
Results included the generation of specific actions that the groups could take to improve communication, as well as a better understanding of each individual segment of the planning process and how each segment contributed to the overall process and outcomes. The event opened new lines communication beyond the more formal structures that were previously used. Following the retreats, the PDC was invited to help design a public meeting with Council Members and representatives from the Town Commissions and Boards.

The PDC conducted youth focus groups to assist KUNM-Radio in Albuquerque in their programs on Prenatal Care for Teens. The focus groups addressed teen perceptions of pregnancy and parental care and the role of teen mothers and fathers.
In the summer of 1998, KUNM-Radio in Albuquerque planned a series of programs on Prenatal Care for Teens. To help prepare for this work, the PDC conducted youth focus groups on the topic, eliciting information and insights from young people on perceptions of pregnancy and prenatal care, the role of teen mothers and fathers, special prenatal concerns of teens, radio programming preferences, and ideas for programming on this subject.

PDC designed and facilitated a series of meetings with employees of the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) and local citizens on health and safety issues in their community.
This project was conducted in conjunction with the Division of Environmental Safety and Health at LANL, where the PDC helped to develop new forms of employee and citizen participation in health and safety issues. Using an adapted model of Citizen Conferences, participants deliberated at length about policy scenario options.

The PDC worked with the New Mexico Conference of Churches to design dialogue processes for churches in the state to explore issues of land as a matter of faith. The collaboration involved statewide focus groups that were used develop a curriculum of study materials and dialogue guidelines for church coordinators, who implemented the programs in their respective churches.