June 2013 – December 2015
PDC worked with the City of Milpitas to assist in the development of the City’s first-ever Strategic Plan. This multi-year project unfolded over four phases where city workers, city commission members, the chamber of commerce, the school district, faith based organizations, community organizations, and residents were asked to contribute input.
The development of the Strategic Plan and four phases proceeded along two parallel tracks: the first community engagement, the second City staff engagement.
• PDC engaged over 300 Milpitas community members in aspirational conversations about the future of the City, using a variety of methods such as one-on-one interviews, focus group discussions, and an online survey.
• In parallel, PDC assisted the Executive Management Team in the selection of 20 staff employees from different City departments to form an Employee Engagement Team (EET). PDC provided an extensive facilitation training program for EET members, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to engage their fellow employees in group discussions regarding the organizational and community environment. The EET then conducted over 25 small group discussions with 120 Milpitas employees.

April 2015 – June 2015
PDC was hired by the San Bruno Community Foundation to conduct a Community Engagement and Listening Campaign as a first step in the Foundation’s strategic planning process to determine how to effectively use the PG&E restitution funds to benefit the entire San Bruno community over the long term. This fast paced, five phase project engaged broad and diverse citizen participation to identify community needs, challenges, and visions for an enhanced quality of life for all San Bruno residents. The goals of the project were to engage the community in the planning process, educate the community about the Foundation and its activities, and gather input on community priorities and resources.
PDC worked with the Foundation Board of Directors, conducted community interviews, held focus groups and community meetings, and utilized online engagement to collect community input, and help identify community assets, needs, and priorities.
For additional project information: https://www.sbcf.org/community-listening-campaign

December 2017 – present
PDC is currently working with the City of Santa Clara and the Santa Clara Stadium Authority to conduct a transparent and comprehensive engagement process to hear the community’s views on a variety of issues related to Levi’s Stadium.
PDC is currently conducting community interviews, focus groups, community meetings, and utilizing an online survey to collect input that will be combined with a separate, quantitative survey effort conducted by the Lew Edwards Group. Input will be summarized and presented to the Stadium Authority Board to assist them in making policy decisions related to the Stadium.

“PDC’S skillful listening and clarifying helped define the process into something custom made for the Center… people learn to listen to others when they know that they are really respected and heard… This experience stays with people and the effect has rippled through our community.”
–Diane Snow
Senior Center Director, Cupertino, California
Cupertino Community Project

“The Town of Los Gatos has retained PDC to design and implement communication plans for a variety of issues and projects. Community members, elected and appointed officials, staff, and other stakeholders have all been constructively and positively engaged in processes developed and implemented under PDC’s guidance. PDC fosters frank and honest dialogue which results in tangible products achieved through true consensus– goals, plans, strategies. Participation in PDC’s processes also has long lasting effects: consequent conversations among participants continue to be approached openly, with candor and good humor. They are truly communication experts!”
–Regina Faulkner
Community Service Director, Los Gatos, California
Los Gatos Town Council, Planning Commission, and Staff Retreats

The PDC is dedicated to training students in dialogue, deliberation, and facilitation skills in classes and workshops at various educational institutions where we work. Students who are trained in these skill sets then facilitate campus and community forums on a variety of issues including diversity appreciation, student success and college completion, environmental sustainability, food security, interfaith dialogues, and student engagement. Students also conduct community interviews, collecting input and data to inform various issues of importance to our communities. PDC provides internships to students to continue to develop our organizational capacity as well as the capacity of our communities for dialogue and deliberation on important topics.

The PDC worked with the City of San Carlos and three stakeholder groups to design and facilitate a series of meetings about a proposed, multi-use transit village in the City. In addition to the City, stakeholders included the developer (Legacy Partners), the public agency landowner (samTrans), and the members of a neighborhood association most effected by the project (Greater East Side San Carlos).

September 2013 – October 2014.
PDC worked with Perkins + Will, an internationally renowned urban design firm, to help design and facilitate public engagement and outreach for the Civic Center Master Plan. Through this three phase, year long process, stakeholder groups and members of the Cupertino community provided ideas and feedback on concept design options that ultimately helped shape the preferred option that was developed and submitted for approval by the City Council. Engagement activities included community interviews, stakeholder meetings, community workshops, and online engagement.